Why are you so happy?



Recently, Abigail had a couple of days where she was home from school due to sickness. Even though she was running a temperature and not feeling well, she was in a good mood. One time, when she was lying in bed with her mom as I was leaving, I asked her, “Why are you so happy?” She replied, “I have my mom, my iPod, and a water bottle. I have everything I need.”

I have thought a lot about her answer. Mom, her electronic toy, and her water bottle made her happy. She had everything she needed. What do you need to be happy? What do you need in order to get by? Seems like the older we get our list just grows. We think we need more to be content. Our list grows and grows and we find ourselves happy less and less. So imagine I ask you, “What does it take to make you happy?” What would be on your list? To answer along Abigail’s lines would it be; my God, a warm bed, and food? Or would your list go on and on?

With the wintry weather falling on weekends, we have canceled a couple of Sunday worship services. We do not have to meet in a church building to praise God. Thankfully, we can worship God with those in our house. I have enjoyed the family times of worship we have had on those Sundays. It has also helped me look forward to a typical Sunday when we gather together as a church. Yes, there is an added benefit of being together with other Christians, but it’s good to know we can worship even on those days when it is not safe to get out.

Well, I have gotten sidetracked. What does it take for you to be happy? God has given us so much. Surely we can be happy with that. A lot of the stuff we get so unhappy about wants. You have your God, a warm bed for sleeping, and plenty of food. So be happy!