Seeking God

Nearness of God – O my spirit, pull back into yourself and, overlooking all things, drive forward in looking for God with all the friendship of your heart.


“At all you do in word or in work, do all for the sake of the Lord Jesus Christ, expressing gratefulness to God and the Father by Him” (Colossians 3:17). We should look for God, amid the hours recommended for petition, as well as in every one of the demonstrations and occupations of life. Jesus said in such manner, “We should dependably to supplicate” (Luke 18:1). There are vocations and contacts with animals required by the obligations of our state throughout everyday life; these are articulations of God’s will, and we ought not surmise that we should stay away from them so as to look for Him. On the off chance that they are managed precisely as indicated by God’s will, these contacts with others can never, of themselves, be deterrents to the association of our spirit with God. Be that as it may, we should dependably keep ourselves inside the cutoff points of God’s will. At the end of the day, in our contacts with animals and in our different exercises, we should have however one end in view, the satisfaction of our obligations. At the point when, actually, the “fondness” of our will fixes itself upon such things, looking for in them a little close to home fulfillment, satisfying our interest or our common want for friendship, endeavoring to pick up acknowledgment for ourself or searching for regard from others, at that point our will strays far from the way of God’s will; our heart winds up connected to animals, and in this manner meets a genuine deterrent—the best—to its consistent looking for God. St. John of the Cross explicitly necessitates that we “go forward from everything as per the friendship and will” (Spiritual Canticle 1,6). He requests not just the separation that is material withdrawal from the world, however significantly more, the unit of the heart.


As the parched stag pants for the spring of living water, so does my heart ache for You, O God. My spirit craves You; it wants, looks for and needs only you.

“O merciful and adoring Lord of my spirit! You likewise say: ‘Come unto Me, all ye that thirst and I will offer you to drink.’ O Life, who giveth life to all, deny me not this valuable water which You have guaranteed to the individuals who want it. I want it, Lord, and I request it and I come to You: conceal not Yourself from me, Lord, for You know my need and how this water is genuine medication for the spirit You have injured… . O living streams, issuing from the injuries of my God! How bounteously do you ever stream for our help and how securely will one go through the risks of this hopeless life who can draw sustenance from this awesome water!” (Teresa of Jesus Exclamations of the Soul to God 9).

Just You, O Lord, can fulfill my spirit’s hunger for incomparable truth, vast philanthropy, and everlasting excellence. At the point when my heart winds up settled upon any made thing, looking for a little fulfillment in it; when it gives itself a chance to be taken up, even to a slight degree, by some natural love, and without watchfulness moves toward becoming submerged in the business and considerations of life, soon it needs to pull back from them, fatigued and depleted, unfilled and mistreated. O Lord, make in me an unadulterated, upstanding heart which looks for You generally and no matter what; set all together philanthropy inside me, with the goal that my affections and wants may remain continually coordinated toward You.

“Who can free himself from base and mean ways, if Thou, O my God, wither not lift him up to Thee in unadulterated love? In what manner will a man raise himself up to Thee, for he is brought up in wretchedness, if Thou shrivel not lift him up with the hand that made him?… Thou wither not detract from me, O my God, what Thou hast once given to me in Thy just sired Son, Jesus Christ, in whom Thou dost give me all I want. I will accordingly celebrate, Thou wither not delay in the event that I sit tight for Thee. Hold up in expectation, at that point, O my spirit, for from consequently thou mayst love God in thy heart.

“The sky are mine, the earth is mine, and the countries are mine; mine are the fair, and the delinquents are mine; mine are the heavenly attendants, the Mother of God, and everything is mine: God Himself is dig and for me, since Christ is mine, and for me. What dost thou, at that point, request, what dost thou look for, O my spirit? All is thine, all is for thee, don’t take less, nor rest with the pieces which tumble from the table of thy Father. Go forward and celebrate in thy magnificence, conceal thyself in it, and cheer, and thou shalt acquire every one of the wants of thy heart” (John of the Cross Spiritual Maxims I (Words of Light), Prayer of the Enamored Soul).